CRPS: “The Most Extreme Chronic Pain Known to Man”

In September, SaltStick helped sponsor the 4th Annual Long Island CRPS Awareness Walk & Expo, hosted by the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association (RSDSA). Each year, the event helps raise...

21 10 2019
Why Do We Faint?

Every year, three percent of all emergency room visits are caused by someone fainting. While the act of passing out is generally not fundamentally dangerous, losing consciousness can be harmful...

14 08 2019
Here’s Why People Living With Cystic Fibrosis Need So Much Salt

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a progressive, genetic condition most commonly recognized for its effects the lungs, where thick mucus clogs air passageways over time and eventually becomes life-threatening. Less well-known...

15 07 2019
cerebral salt wasting syndrome
Salt-Wasting: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Patients within the dysautonomia community often run into the term “salt wasting.” Read on to discover the symptoms, possible causes and treatments for this condition. What is salt wasting? Salt...

13 06 2019
how to advocate for yourself
How to Advocate for Yourself in Today’s Healthcare World

This guest post is authored by Amber Nicole of Clearly Alive. Comments belong exclusively to the author and do not necessarily represent the view of Toker Engineering, LLC or the...

26 03 2019
daughter has pots
My daughter has EDS and POTS. Watching her grow up is awe-inspiring.

We’re introducing our Caretaker Perspective Series, a group of blogs that share the experiences of people who care for patients with dysautonomia and POTS. Here, Stacey Greenberg, whose daughter manages...

12 02 2019
Amber’s Experience with Vitassium and Adrenal Insufficiency

This is a guest post by Amber, who blogs about her journey with adrenal insufficiency at Clearly Alive. Do you have your own story to share? Reach out to us here.  I...

28 12 2018
How Does the Sodium-Glucose Pump Work? (And Other Questions)

In this blog post, we answer salt-related questions often asked by dysautonomia patients. Read to learn about the kidneys, the sodium-glucose pump and potassium intake. Many dysautonomia patients and their...

13 03 2018
The Three Hormones That Regulate your electrolyte levels hormones that regulate electrolytes

Hormones are key to understanding the hydration process, and what to do when that process breaks down. Every endurance athlete knows the blissful feeling of satisfaction that arrives after a...

15 02 2018
Seven Activities We Enjoyed at the Dysautonomia International Conference in 2017

This past weekend, a few of our team members attended the fifth annual Dysautonomia International Conference in Washington D.C. With over 600 guests, this was the largest conference on autonomic...

19 07 2017
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